Young Riders` Profiles – Jess Wain




Currently studying for my AS levels

Horse’s name ,age and breed.

Willow the Wisp


Welsh x Anglo-Arab

Horses history, how did they end up being a superstar TREC horse!

My mum and I have had Willow 13yrs, mum got her as a remedial case to bring on and sell – and then I started riding her!  Our partnership just got stronger and stronger, especially when we followed mum’s tracks: competing in TREC competitions.

How did you get into the sport of TREC?

I had always tagged along to competitions when my mum, Helen Wain, was competing. We did a few little competitions and then it got serious! We had a really strong summer 2013 and that’s when I decided this was the best thing to do with your horse.

What do you love about the sport?

Everyone is so friendly and kind – if you’re new we’ll help you out. I also love the breadth of the skills needed for the phases. Also, the fact that it covers a whole weekend makes it good for a get away with your equine companion.

What is your favourite Phase and why?

It defiantly changes every competition! It depends on how well you and your horse perform in each phase. The orienteering is normally good due to the often fabulous scenery.

What advice would you give someone wanting to get into the sport?

Just do it… we don’t bite (the horses might though)!

And the one moment of TREC you will never forget!

A really good orienteering phase near Roseberry Topping in Yorkshire. Willow and I were on top form.




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