Senior Riders` Profiles – Hilary Barnard

HilaryBarnard_TrecGB_ecorcoran_2015 10
Photo by Emily Corcoran


Wife, mother, groom, head gardener ……



Harvey, New Forest, 23 years old


Harvey has taken me through the ranks of TREC, from a green beginner 12 years ago, to become British Champion twice, European League winner three times, British League winner 6 times (one at Level 2, 5 at Level 4)


I started TREC as we had a pony who was in danger of becoming a field ornament.  I had a go at a competition locally, found it was a discipline well within the pony’s capability,  and quickly became hooked!

The best thing about TREC is it gives you a wonderful opportunity to spend all day with your horse, enjoying  lovely surroundings and appreciating the route that someone has set up for you.

My favourite phase is the PTV; my pony’s versatility and quick thinking really comes into it’s own on the PTV course.  The pony never knows what is around the next corner and seems to thrive on the variety.

To someone wanting to start the sport I would say “go for it”.  Download, or buy, the rule book, read the TREC GB site and some of the forum threads and enter a competition.  On arrival mention you are a newcomer and you will quickly find someone who is willing to talk you through the competition and offer you help and advice.

TREC has given me many very special moments over the years and having Harvey nominated to be the TREC pony on the BHS Best of British triptych for their Jubilee ensures he will be remembered for years to come.

Photo by
Roughtor – Photo by Emily Corcoran

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