Senior Riders` Profiles – Jackie Bennett


Name  Jackie Bennett

Junior or senior Rider   Senior

From  Derbyshire

Occupation   I work full time running the family garage business my father started 47 years ago

Horse’s name ,age and breed  Bradley, 20,  Irish draught x Latvian. 16.1hhjb

Horses history, how did they end up being a superstar TREC horse!

Bradley came to me as a very green 6 year old after my world horse welfare  horse went lame. He had been bred to show jump but did not excel in that field. It has been a long journey to get Bradley to where he is now but he loves his sport. He enjoys the POR, knows his job on the MA and loves the diversity of the PTV. Hard work and determination has got Bradley where he is and I wouldn’t change anything about him,

How did you get into the sport of TREC?

I saw a TREC training day advertised in the BHS magazine with a short write up of what it was. It was ran by two ladies Sarah and Fiona Thurnell at Flash in Derbyshire. I took my two World  Welfare horses for a friend and I to have a go. Loved it and was totally hooked,

What do you love about the sport?

What is there not to love? The challenge of the POR, the schooling required for the MA and the fun of the PTV. The camaraderie of competitors and the flexibility of being able to compete at the level you are comfortable with pushing yourself as much or as little as you want and suiting any and every horse out there.

What is your favourite Phase and why?

Has to be the PTV. The best fun you can ever have on a horse

JackieBennet_TrecGB_ecorcoran_2015 25
Photo by Emily Corcoran

What advice would you give someone wanting to get into the sport?

Get out there and have a go. Pairs, individuals, whatever you want. It’s a brilliant sport open to anyone and everyone.

And the one moment of TREC you will never forget!

A poor pen choice in the map room at my first international competition the European Championships, Austria 2010. The route as good as disappeared from the map but I still got around. I realised how much I had learnt and how far I had come.

The PTV in Segovia at the World Championships in 2016. Brilliantly put together course and an absolute blast to ride around.