Senior Riders` Profiles – Lynne Mabbitt


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Photo by Emily Corcaoran


Semi-retired vet            


Jigsaw 15 year crossbred10991270_1586741784871267_7855264338903114849_n

Jigsaw came to me as an unbroken 4 year old having been an RSPCA case as a 3 year old. I Nearly sent her back as she was not the easiest to break in but as soon as we started riding out rather than going round in circles in the field she was transformed and has been really easy ever since. She always tries to do what I want and just has the most super positive calm attitude to life and a good sense of self-preservation (apart from parking in the odd bog or two!) making her ideal for TREC.

How did you get into the sport of TREC?

I was the official vet at a Championships back in 2002 and thoroughly enjoyed this most different of sports.  In 2003 I rode as a pair in a Level 2 and loved it so much I did a late entry for an individual Level 2 the following weekend.  By the end of that I was addicted.

What do you love about the sport.

Everything but the jumping!

What is your favourite Phase and why? Has to be the challenge of the POR, the more technical it is the more I enjoy it

Most memorable TREC moment. 

Brain switching off having reached the finish of a very technical European Cup competition in Germany with a hired horse. Sadly the finish was some distance from the venue and I failed to take the right hand turn onto the track that would take me back to the venue.  Ended up wandering around a German town with a fairly spooky horse and not being able to work out where I was! Eventually arrived back at the venue an hour and a half later than they expected me!

What advice would you give some one wanting to get into the sport?  Beware, it`s seriously addictive

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