Young Riders` profiles – Faith Anderson



Groom apprentice

Horse’s nam , age and breed

Water bank Freyja, 15.2, 7yr old Knabstrupper X TB mare

Horses history, how did they end up being a superstar TREC horse!

 Freyja came to me on my 16th birthday as my brand new Trec project! She hadn’t done much with her previous owner due to a serious injury where she impaled herself with a fence post at the age of 4 . This resulted in cross tied box rest for a year. Freyja amazingly made a full recovery which proved to me she has amazing strength and patience! She then was backed and participated in a small amount of XC schooling, lots of show jumping at home and hacking round the roads! Perfect I thought! Haha. We had a very slow start in our relationship together and really didn’t get on. Typical mare with a lot to say! There were many things I wanted to do with her before we actually started Trec however she had other ideas. So we started Trec. I just didn’t know how else to make her happy and really wanted her to use her brain! I took her to an indoor training and competition and oh my days she was the happiest I’d seen her! She loved how interesting it was and that she could do things at her own pace! And got really excited when she realised Trec had jumps too! We continued into the summer and she couldn’t stop improving! She really really enjoyed the POR’s and couldn’t believe her luck every time we got to go for a gallop! MA’s were a bit confusing though as we hadn’t done much schooling and she couldn’t understand why cantering slow was a good idea, but walking really really fast was fun! The PTV’s were a bit scary outside because there was so many things to look at and we had to actually stop and listen to do the obstacles! However the more we see the more she tells me it’s not scary anymore!  I was so so proud of her and we became best buddies. She showed me so much potential and now doesn’t stop giving in all circles!

How did you get into the sport of TREC?

 I started Trec at the age of 12 on my 14.1 Welsh section D pocket rocket, Brimble. My auntie had previously competed at Trec with Brimble and been incredibly successful . She kept telling me that I should really come and do some with her!

Brimble was bought by my Gran 2 weeks after I was born and I have ridden her all my life accompanied by my Gran, Mum and Auntie.

My auntie handed the reins over to me and my Trec journey began! I soon got the bug and competed 3 seasons on Brimble, she was awesome and we were really successful but unfortunately she didn’t have age on her side. I wanted to go on and do level 3’s with her, however being 21 and having really little legs, I didn’t think it was fair! That’s when Freyja came along and took over Brimbles job! Brimble still competes at Trec with me however only at a very low level which she really enjoys! Especially when she gets to go with Freyja!

What do you love about the sport?

Absolutely everything. I love that it’s so different from any other sport! And any one and any horse can do it. In the summer you get to camp with your horse and an  added bonus is that it’s two days of fun!  I love that Treccies seem to be a different type of horsey people! Everyone is really supportive and there is always a really relaxed feel to the weekend!  The horses love it and I think that’s really important!!! I think that you can always come away from Trec with something new learnt and a trailer full of happiness!

 What is your favourite Phase and why?

My favourite phase is the PTV (and definitely Freyja’s too!). This is because I love that each course is completely different. You never know what you are gonna get!  I love that there is such a variety of obstacles and it’s just so fun!

What advice would you give some one wanting to get into the sport?

 Go for it! Get involved!  I can guarantee you will have the most enjoyable weekend you’ve ever had! But be careful because it’s incredibly addictive!

And the one moment of TREC you will never forget!

 One of my first Trec’s on Freyja, we had just galloped under the low branches which she thought were really quite scary! We came flying out the other side and screeched to some sort of halt about a stride before the S-bend. As we entered the obstacle we were still having a bit of an argument about the speed we should be doing, walk in my mind, gallop in Freyja’s!!  She would not  listen and we ended up catering the S-bend and jumping straight out the other side, followed by a series of bucks of excitement! Once I managed to pull her up I looked behind me to see a completely trashed S-bend and the judge absolutely laughing her head off! Freyja was pretty proud of herself! We ended up having a really good round after that!!